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Summer Drinks & Weight Gain

In the summer we tend to drink alcohol then in the winter months. Sitting on the dock at the cottage with a beer, or enjoying a bottle of wine with friends in the backyard, living in Canada, we tend to take advantage of the couple months of warm weather we have by treating every evening like an all inclusive vacation. But remember, everything in moderation!
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Healthy Breakfast Choices

Touted as the most important meal of the day, breakfast stands true to its value and importance in healthy aging and living. How about this for a wake-up: Recent research indicates eating a healthy breakfast may help you lose weight, perform better at work, and lower your risk of heart disease and obesity. Healthy breakfast ...
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Summer Nutrition

Now that summer seems to have finally arrived, summer festivals, barbeques, beach parties and social gatherings are in full swing although they often include unhealthy food options. For those who are health conscious (or trying to be), the extra fat and calories add up quickly, leading to possible weight gain or a decrease in nutrition ...
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Signs of Heat Stroke

Now that summer has finally arrived, people are anxious to enjoy the sunny days by taking part in outdoor recreational activities. Pleasant as this may be (heating up your body after a long, cold winter), it is important to be aware of how excessive heat can affect your body. Most people have heard ...
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Staying Hydrated

Drinking plenty of fluids on a daily basis is essential to maintaining body hydration and replacing lost fluids.  This is especially important during the hot, hazy summer days, particularly when engaging in recreational activities.  Proper fluid intake can help improve athletic performance, the ability to complete daily activities and can also improve your overall personal ...
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Health Benefits of Dandelions

This “weed” is probably not on your healthy-aging or longevity list but science says it merits a second look. Dandelions, long considered a pesky weed deserving of nothing more than death by pesticide is no longer a gardener’s nightmare. Pesticides have become the new bad guy due to its ingredients and the adverse effects of ...
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What Foods to Avoid

Deciphering what foods to avoid these days is a very daunting task; with tons of information floating around it seems everything you choose is bad for you in one way or another. Usually, when told to stay away from certain types of foods the common denominator is nutrition and calories, well not this time. In ...
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Watercress Health Benefits

Watercress, is a green leafy vegetable found in grocery stores and probably does not grab your attention much or even at all. An underestimated vegetable, watercress has one of the highest nutritional values amongst vegetables. Like its healthy, nutritious commonly used relatives, broccoli and cabbage, watercress has numerous health benefits. In addition to this watercress ...
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Cancer Fighting Vegetables

Cancer, the vicious disease with no end in sight doesn’t seem to stop until it has taken everything along with it. Usually ending in death it is hard to imagine a cure anytime soon. A recent study suggests cancer fighting vegetables are the way to go for prevention, longevity and healthy-aging. A compound in parsley ...
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